God is my Father, how happy I am!


A few days ago I found some Carmelites couplets, from which comes the title of a book about the life of St. Maravillas de Jesús: God is my Father.

The following are the first few verses:

God is my Father, how happy I am!

I am his child, a child of God.

If God takes care of me,

What can be lacking?

Not for a single moment,

No, does he lift his gaze from me,

My life is his,

The skilled weaver,

He weaves it

With infinite love.

Thread by thread he weaves,

If you let him, how well he will do it!

Every Sunday when we profess our faith, the first this we say is: I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth…

As Christians, and even more so as contemplative nuns, this truth of faith is fundamental. If we consider life from this point of view every day of our lives, what thrill and immense joy we can experience! When Jesus himself taught us to pray, he wanted to highlight this truth of divine filiation which we have received.  We say: Our Father…

God is first of all Father.  He is All-Powerful, but this power is put at the disposition of his paternity, and his creation is also the work of his love as Father.

This truth, so fundamental, so profound, so immense, must permeate our ways of considering our whole lives… if we do this, everything changes color.  There are no gray or monotonous days, because every little detail, every little thing which is presented is the fruit of this tender love of God towards me, a poor creature, who in spite of all my limitations, I am his daughter.  Even the little or great crosses which I have to embrace in agony find their meaning in the divine pedagogy.

Our life lived in this way cannot be anything other than an anticipation of heaven. This gives meaning to our contemplative vocation.

May we give ourselves completely with joy and without reserve to this Divine work of God our Father that through us, poor instruments, he may accomplish miracles in souls.

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