Monastery "Ecce Homo" in Valkenburg, The Netherlands

SSVM Contemplatives Valkenburg 2015

The community of the monastery “Ecce Homo” located in Valkenburg, in the Netherlands, began on September 22, 2007.

The patron of the community, suggested by our founder, is “Ecce Homo” to pray especially for human dignity and for all those men who have lost their dignity.

St. Liduwina is the co-patroness so, the sisters pray in reparation for the offenses against the Eucharist as their second intention. The community is made up of eight sisters. This foundation began with the request of the Benedictine Sisters of the Most Blessed Sacrament for the continuity of the contemplative life in this place.

The monastery also has a guest house for those who desire to spend a few days in silence, on retreat, and to participate in the community´s prayer of the Divine Office and the Holy Mass.

For more information, see the website in Dutch .

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