Our Religious Habit

SSVM Reiligious Habit

The habit of the Servants includes:
• a grey tunic
• a blue scapular
• a blue veil for professed sisters
• a white veil for novice sisters
• the cross of Matará
• a wedding ring for the perpetually professed

Habit novices SSVM      Habit profession SSVM

Our habit with these colors represents the mystery of the Incarnation: the blue represents the Divinity of Christ and the grey represents His Humanity.

“…In that way the blue scapular, which represents the Divine Word, put over the grey habit, which symbolizes the humanity, is an eloquent statement about the great mystery of the Incarnation, in which the Word was united with our nature and dressed in our flesh…”

“In each Servant there should be a love for her Habit, it should be like her skin, so that united to the Incarnate Word, who united Heaven and Earth, she may flower into all kinds of good works and be for all the good scent of Christ (2 Cor 2:15).”
(Fr. Buela, IVE, Las Servidoras, Tomo I).

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