First Holy Communion Retreat day

ive-ssvm-iceland-retreat-first-communionOn October 22nd, the commemoration of St. John Paul II, we celebrated the first retreat day for our group of children preparing for their First Communion.  We started the retreat at nine o´clock in the morning and ended at two o‘clock in the afternoon.

 As usual, we gathered them first in the Church to pray. Afterwards, we began with our first session. The topic chosen was: everything inside the Church (the altar, the Way of the Cross, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Baptismal font, etc.). Then the second session, after the explanation and some activities, we went to the Church to show them the reality. Inside the Church, they received an additional explanation from Father Horacio Cabaña, IVE.

After that, we ate lunch which had been prepared by the parents of the children. Then there was a little bit break for some competitions. At the end, we finished the retreat by praying the Holy Rosary inside the Church, allowing the children to lead the prayers themselves.

We thank God for giving us this opportunity and time with the children, that through our work as instruments, these children may come to know God, to serve Him and to love Him more.

Servants of the Lord in Hanfarfjörður, Iceland

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