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“Withdrawal from the world for the sake of leading a more intense life of prayer in solitude is nothing other than a very particular way of living and expressing the paschal mystery of Christ, which is death ordained toward resurrection.” (Instruction on the Contemplative Life and on the Enclosure of Nuns, 3)

Besides the apostolic sisters, our Institute also has a branch of contemplative sisters. These sisters are totally dedicated to a hidden life of prayer, silence and penance in order to support the missionary work of our Religious Family. Daily Life in the Monastery.

Furthermore, as contemplatives, they consecrate their lives for the whole Church, represented in the person of the Holy Father; for the perseverance of all priests, and for the increase and sanctification of vocations.

Contemplatives in our Religious Family enter one of our monasteries only after completing the regular formation in the Novitiate and Juniorate. Questions about Contemplative Life.

Sharing in the missionary charism of our Religious Family, each monastery also has a particular prayer intention toward which they focus their prayers and sacrifices. We currently have 10 monasteries around the world. We invite you to send prayer requests by e-mail.

  •  Argentina, San Rafael

  • Peru, , Arequipa
    • Monastery of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity
      • Founded: October 3, 1995
      • Intention: for consecrated life (for consecrated life in the Church and for the conversion of those who work against it, as well as giving testimony of the perennial value of the evangelical counsels)
      • mon.isabeldelatrinidad@servidoras.org
  • Brazi, Santo Amaro
    • Monastery of Saint Gianna Beretta Mollal
      • Founded April 30, 2010
      • Intention: for the protection of life–of individuals as well as of the family, both natural life and supernatural life; and in reparation for those who work against life, especially those who promote and perform abortions, and for their conversions.
      • mon.giannaberettamolla@servidoras.org
  • The United States, New York, Brooklyn
    • Monastery of St. Edith Stein
      • Founded: December 17, 1998
      • Intention: that all men and women may come to the knowledge of the One and True God, for the philosophy and theology students of our Religious Family, and for the apostolate of our sisters in Asia
      • mon.edithstein@servidoras.org
  • Italy, Pontinia
  • Spain, Valencia
  • Ukraine, Burshtyn
    • Monastery of “Santa Sofía,” Divine Wisdom
      • Founded: September 22, 2009
      • Intention: that Catholics may learn to “breathe with both lungs”
      • Special Characteristic: Byzantine Rite
      • mon.santasofia@servidoras.org
  • The Netherlands,  Valkenburg



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