Our Province

Province SSVM Norther Europe II Chapter 2015

The missionaries “Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará” began their mission in Northern Europe after the 2nd General Chapter. They started with two convents in September 2004, one in Limburg, Netherlands and the other in Iceland. Both foundations were requested by the respective bishops of each country.

In 2006, new missionaries arrived in Holland to begin taking care of the Shrine “Onze Lieve Vrouw Ter Nood”, located in Heiloo, diocese of Haarlem- Amsterdam. And in this way, little by little, our houses were multiplying and the mission was growing.

In September 2007, a community of our contemplative sisters arrived in the city of Valkenburg in the Netherlands and in order to strengthen our missions, as the “heart” of our Religious Family, these sisters support all of our missions and apostolate with their prayers.

During the Third General Chapter in 2010, our Institute found itself present in four countries in Northern Europe: The Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, and Lithuania with a total of 8 convents. Therefore, the general government erected a new province to unite the missions in these countries. The province bears the name“Mary Gate of the Dawn” , in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the advocation invoked in Lithuania.

In June, 2011, the sisters began a new mission in Peppage, Luxembourg, then the community was transferred to Cents. In September 2014 a new contemplative community was founded in Luxembourg to pray for the intentions and pastoral work of the bishops.

At the moment, our Province has 40 members and 10 communities.

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