Conferences Sister Guadalupe



We are grateful to our dear Sister Maria de Guadalupe Rodrigo for her visit and conferences in Luxembourg and the Netherlands from March 29th to April 4th 2017. We thank her for bringing us closer to the sufferings of the Syrian people and the nobility of those Christian martyrs who gave their lives for confessing Christ. Thank you Sister Guadalupe for your testimony that has helped us to revive our faith and our commitment to the truth and the gospel.

We also thank each of the places that have received the visit of Sister Guadalupe and have prepared everything for her testimony. In particular, we wish to thank the Rector Filip De Rycke of the Sint-Janscentrum in Den Bosch for his generous and unconditional support; to the Institution Church in Need, especially its director in Holland, Mr. Joris van Voorst tot Voorst and Mr. Dennis Peters; to the Catholic newspaper Katholiek Nieuwsblad and the journalists Peter Doorakers, Francesco Paloni and Jan Peeters; to Rector L. Hendriks and his entire Rolduc seminary, to The Carmelite Sisters of Sittard, to each of our communities in Luxembourg, Brunssum, The Hague and Heiloo and to numerous people who have given their time and spaces to welcome this important testimony.

Finally, we want to thank the main protagonists, the suffering and beloved Syrian people, especially those who suffer for justice and for the cause of the Gospel. We commit our prayers particularly for the strength of persecuted Christians and for all men of goodwill who need our closeness and prayer in these moments of sorrow. May the Lord Jesus, who for us died and is risen, grant us the grace to be faithful to our Christian commitment.





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