Closing of the Jubilee Year of Our Lady “Consolation of the Afflicted”

Consolation afllictedThe Closing of the Jubilee Year for the 350 Year Anniversary of the Election of Our Lady “Consolation of the Afflicted” as the Patroness of Luxembourg City

It was in the year 1666, when Our Lady, under the title “Consolation of the Afflicted”, was proclaimed and she was officially recognized as the patroness of Luxembourg City.

For the closing of this Jubilee Year, we were able to participate in different events which took place:

anee_jubiler_consolatrice-centre-spirituel-ssvm16 On October 8th, there was a pilgrimage for children.  The meeting place was the Chapel of Glacis, where the Jesuit Fathers constructed the first chapel in honor of Our Lady.  Afterwards, we began to walk through the park.  Due to the rain, we had to protect ourselves under the trees and we took advantage to sing some songs.  When the rain abated, we began again our procession to the Cathedral.

The songs continued in the crypt room of the Cathedral and then each child wrote his name on a large rosary, which they offered to Our Lady.  After a small snack, we made our way to the Cathedral in procession.

anee_jubiler_consolatrice-centre-spirituel-ssvm When we arrived, we sang a little more.Father Henri Hamus (the parish priest of the Cathedral) invited the children to greet Our Lady up close and to pray to her, ending with a blessing for each one of them.

As they left, the children received a balloon with the Jubilee Year logo which they then let fly.  Everyone was very pleased after this day of prayer and pilgrimage with the little ones.

Consolation afllicted In the evening, we were able to participate in the concert of the choir of the Cathedral in Maîtrise together with the Military Orchestra of the Great Duke in Luxembourg, in which they presented both a new CD of songs to Our Lady and a Mass written for the occasion of the Jubilee Year.

On Sunday, October 9th, together with the faithful of the city, we participated in a procession to the Cathedral, praying the rosary.

The procession started from four different churches in the city center, ending at the entrance to the Cathedral, where the Pontifical Mass and Renewal of the Solemn Vow to Our Lady took place.


From May last year until October this year, the image of Our Lady left the Cathedral on a pilgrimage 26 times, visiting parishes, religious communities, elderly homes and schools.

We give thanks to God for all the benefits received during the whole Jubilee Year of Our Lady Consolation of the Afflicted.  We ask her to renew the desire in us to become saints: that the truth may shine in our words, that our actions may be a hymn of charity, that purity and chastity glow in our hearts and our bodies, and that the splendor of the Gospel be reflected in our lives[1].

[1] Prayer of the Holy Father Pope Francis, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, Sunday, December 8th 2013.

Sister Maria Czestochowa, SSVM

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