Saint Joseph is called the “foster father of Jesus” on earth. He was chosen by God. He was not, as many children say, “the biological father” of Jesus. No. Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Virgin Mary’s womb; this is one of the twelve articles of the Creed. We can also take Saint Joseph as our father. This holy patriarch protects and guides us on our earthly way just as he cared for Jesus, just as he guided him and saved him from the danger of death, so does he also want to protect us. If you pray to Saint Joseph, he helps you to know Jesus better. Saint Joseph teaches us by how he was: a simple man, father of a family, a worker who earned a living with his own hands. He was not a rich man: he was a worker like so many millions in the world. Sacred Scripture tells us that Saint Joseph was an artisan. Many Church Fathers added that he was a carpenter. The Gospel shows us the great and strong personality of Saint Joseph. He was not someone who was frightened easily; on the contrary, he knew how to face problems. He knew how to get out of difficult situations. He traveled to Bethlehem with Mary, who was in the ninth month of pregnancy; a journey of more than 150 km through mountainous terrain. There was no place for them in the inn so Jesus had to be born in a smelly manger. Shortly afterwards, warned by an angel that Herod was looking for Jesus to kill him, the Holy Family had to flee through the desert to Egypt. Saint Joseph protected the Holy Family. Joseph was a man of faith and was obedient to God. You know that Saint Joseph was not afraid to take Mary as his wife. Do we not need this powerful Saint Joseph in times that we live today? Well, I know I do. He is the patron and protector of the Church. Why? You could say that he has been the protector of the Church since the early stage when the ‘Church’ was simply Jesus and Mary. Therefore, since Jesus is the Head of the Church and we are its proud members then Saint Joseph is our protector. Furthermore, he is the protector of all those who consecrate themselves to God in chastity for the sake of Kingdom of Heaven, such as priests and us religious sisters. Saint Joseph is a model and defender of virginal integrity. He is also the patron Saint of workers and artisans and this humble carpenter from Nazareth is considered the patron Saint of the dying, because in his last hour on earth he was accompanied by Jesus and Mary. In the month of March, we pray in a special way to Saint Joseph. In fact, we began praying thirty days before his feast (March 19) and we ask him to support us in all our spiritual and material needs. Thank you, Saint Joseph!

Zuster Sterre

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