2nd Youth Gathering in the Province of Northern Europe

Dear Religious Family,

From the May 29th to the 31st the second Youth Gathering took place in the Province of Northern Europe in the convent of the Servants of the Lord in Brunssum, Holland. The youth and sisters who came from Iceland, Ireland and Lithuania began arriving a few days earlier and those from Holland and Luxembourg arrived on Friday and the Youth Gathering began that same evening.

Members of the Institute of the Incarnate Word from Italy were invited to help: Fr. Marcelo Lattanzio, IVE, a deacon, Nicolas Grace and two seminarians Eski and Andreas. We are enormously grateful to them. The IVE fathers, missionaries in Holland, Fr. Tristán Pérez, Fr. Mario Rojas and Fr. Ismael Quequesana were also present.

Because of the theme, “The True Way to Happiness”, Fr. Lattanzio presented different plenary talks about the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes remind us of the Lord´s call to follow the path with Him which, though it is difficult, brings us to true happiness. 

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