CEyTEC – Conference for University students

CEyTEC - Conference for University students


The human mind is a wonderful but complex reality. It can be approached from different angles. Since last century, human sciences, and especially psychology, have had a huge development. In modern research, the question arises whether psychology touches the edges of philosophy and if the latter can also be an element in the study of and the care for the human mind.

A group of Argentinian psychologists from the CEyTEC Foundation  have already long years of experience in this field. They make a tour in European countries in order to present the empirical results and theoretical background of their psychological fieldwork.

We are happy to welcome them in our university chaplaincy for a round table conference on May 3, 2018.

Some of the topics they will cover and discuss:

  • What does the work of CEyTEC consist of?
  • What type of empirical results are discerned and obtained?
  • Are there statistics on concrete improvements in the treatments applied by the CEyTEC Foundation?
  • To what extent can philosophical concepts influence psychological care? To what degree can scientific psychology use the view of philosophy?
  • What to do if there is a gap between philosophical theory and empirical outcome?
  • Is there a relationship between psychology and spirituality? How can the pitfall of ideology be avoided?
  • What is the work being done by CEyTEC with patients who suffer from addictions?


16.45 Eucharistic adoration

17.30 Holy Mass

18.30 Dinner

20.00 Lecture

21.30 End

Location: Maranatha student church, Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 19, 5037 DB  Tilburg

Tilburg University

Please confirm us of your participation if you intend to participate at the dinner at:
Truus Verheijen: verheijen.truus@gmail.com, +31. (0) 621238652
Sr. Montserrat: missionprojects@servidoras.org, +31 (0) 644946741


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