All Saint’s Day Feast with the children from St. John Bosco’s Oratory

SSVM feast for all the saints Luxembourg

A Christian’s vocation is sanctity, in every moment of life. In the springtime of their youth, in the fullness of summer at the age of maturity, and also after in the autumn and winter of old age, and at last, at the hour of death.” (Pope John Paul II)

The Feast of All Saints is a catholic feast, celebrated on the 1st of November, in which the church celebrates all Saints known and unknown.

With great joy, we were able to celebrate like last year All Saint’s Day with the children from the Oratory.

The children dressed up as a Saint and gave a short explication about the life of the Saint who they had chosen. They really studied the life of their Saint to be able to tell everyone about him or her.

After the presentation we had a procession through the streets of our neighborhood accompanied by some of the parents who stayed to help us. We sang, played games, and when we arrived back at the convent we continued playing. We then had a snack and gave the children a souvenir to remember the Feast which was a little bag filled with candy and an image of a Saint.

In the end everyone had fun and the children were very happy with the evening festivities.

We thank God for all the benefits received and ask the grace that these children may preserve in purity and imitate the example of the Saints to be able to enjoy Eternal Life.

Sisters Servants of the Lord in Luxemburg, SSVM

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