CEyTEC – Conference Psychology-Religious

CEyTEC - Conference Psychology-Religious

Psychology at the service of consecrated life

May 2, 2018


Papenhulst 4 ’s-Hertogenbosch

In his recent interview book with pope Francis, the french sociologist Dominique Wolton reveals that the pope himself underwent psychological treatment in his midlife years. The science of psychology indeed found an important reception and development in Argentinian society and culture.

A group of Argentinian, catholic psychologists from the CEyTEC Foundation is making a conference tour at different European universities in Spain, Italy, France and also at clinical centres, e.g. in Belgium.

CEyTEC combines scientifically research with first line clinical aid. CEyTEC serves in different fields of psychological assistance, going from addictions care and mental health issues (depression) to time and stress management. CEyTEC also developed quite an experience in dealing with the psychological questions of people engaged in religious life or preparing themselves for it.

These topics will be covered during the conference that psychologists from CEyTEC will give on May, 2 in Den Bosch. This conference is intended for formators in religious life, superiors and formators of diocesan seminaries, and religious in general.

 Some of the questions that dealt with are:

–  What are the contributions from Psychology in the formation process of candidates to priesthood and consecrated life?

– How to address the insecurity of modern candidates to keep their commitments?

– How to address psychological problems in a consecrated person. Contributions and limits of psychology?

– Different queries and problems from modern life or new problems that may arise in the communities.

Time schedule:

9.30 Reception, coffee

10.00 conference

10.45 Break (coffee)

11.00 round table with questions and discussion

11.45 closing

The conference will be held in the Sint-Janscentrum, Papenhulst 4, 5211 LC ’s-Hertogenbosch. There is limited availability to park cars on the own terrain.

Related to the practical organisation of the conference, we are grateful to receive Your subscription at:

Receptie Sint-Janscentrum: receptie@sint-janscentrum.nl, +31 (0) 73 613 2000

Sr. Montserrat: missionprojects@servidoras.org; 0031-(0)644946741

Truus Verheijen verheijen.truus@gmail.com; 0031-(0)621238652

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