CEyTEC – Conference for Psychologists in Luxembourg

CEyTEC FoundationHuman science with a soul
Do psychology, philosophy and vision of life converge?

To what extent do I, as a professional, have to take into account realities of the patient that do not immediately concern the request for help?

On April 28  we will talk with staff from CEyTEC about their experiences with working in addiction care and mental health care.

The following themes will be discussed:
– What is the power of an integral approach to man in mental health care?
– To what extent can vision of life and philosophy be at the service of prevention and care concerning, among other things, addiction and mental health?
– Can philosophy be a support in mental crisis situations? To what extent is it important that the therapist reflects on his own anthropological assumptions?


For more than ten years, CEyTEC (Center for the study and treatment of behavioral disorders in Argentina) has been working in the field of psychology and applied therapy research from an integral vision of the person. CEyTEC is active in scientific research and therapeutic services and care.

Within CEyTEC important value is given to a methodological reflection on the anthropological values ​​that determine research and care. In this background, they want to enter into a dialogue with colleagues in order to arrive at a fruitful exchange of ideas about theory and practice in psychological care in Europe and Latin America.


CEyTEC staff will be conducting a conference tour through universities and centers for mental health care in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, among others. A presentation will also be given by CEyTEC in Luxembourg, after which there will be an opportunity for an exchange of experiences and insights. The language spoken during the conference is English. If necessary, translation can be provided.

Target audience

Academics, professionals and students in mental health care and philosophy.

Location and Date

This meeting will take place on Saturday April 28 2018, from 8 pm until 9.30 p.m. in the Convent Our Lady of Luxembourg (10 Rue de Sainte Therese D Avila Cents Luxembourg, L-1152)

Reception with coffee starts at 7.30 pm.

Please confirm us of your participation at:
c.nsluxemburgo@servidoras.org +352- 26008964

Truus Verheijen: verheijen.truus@gmail.com, +31. (0) 621238652
Sr. Montserrat: missionprojects@servidoras.org, +31 (0) 644946741

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